A discussion regarding the pre-planning process can be a very helpful experience for you and your loved ones. This allows you to share your feelings and to ask questions about the various aspects of your funeral service and inform your family members of your personal preferences and wishes in a relaxed way. Pre Planning also affords you the opportunity to actually set up a Pre Need account where all arrangements are done ahead of time and payments can be made towards this account which helps relieve the stress of the funding needed for final arrangements. All funds are held in a trust account. Valerie is here to guide you through all aspects of the preplanning process.

During a pre arrangement consultation you can expect to receive information regarding pre planning, pre need funeral trusts. and many other services relevant to your choice of final arrangements. We have incorporated educational seminars on pre planning that we share with the community. These seminars are generally conducted at area churches, senior centers upon request. If you wish to pre-plan a funeral for you or your loved one, or wish to have our free seminar presented, please contact us.

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