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Why Does the Funeral Home Ask for Bigger Clothes for the Deceased? Exploring the Practical and Dignified Reasons

When a family begins making funeral arrangements, one of the requests from the funeral director that might raise eyebrows is the need for larger clothes for the deceased. This seemingly unusual request is rooted in practical and dignified considerations that aim to ensure a respectful and comfortable presentation of the deceased during funeral services. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons behind the request for larger-sized clothing and shed light on the practices employed by funeral homes in handling this aspect of the funeral process. By exploring the reasons behind this request, individuals can gain insight into the thoughtful practices employed by funeral professionals to ensure a compassionate and respectful farewell for the departed.

Funeral Casket

One of the reasons funeral homes ask for a size up in clothing is to accommodate the embalming process. Embalming is the process of  preserving the body and slows the natural processes of decomposition. During the embalming process, the body may experience changes in size and shape. Requesting larger-sized clothing helps ensure a comfortable and dignified fit after the embalming process is complete.

Another reason why the funeral home asks for larger size clothing will also minimize any further discomfort for the deceased. The need for the body to be positioned in the casket, can result in movements and adjustments that may be uncomfortable when the clothes are too small. 

The funeral homes main goal is to treat the deceased with respect.  Larger-sized clothing makes the dressing of the deceased a little easier and ensures that the funeral home staff can handle the deceased with the utmost professionalism. This practical consideration contributes to a seamless and efficient preparation for the funeral services.

Cultural and religious practices also play a role in the request for bigger clothes. Some cultures or religious traditions may emphasize specific attire for the deceased, and larger-sized clothing allows funeral homes to adhere to these practices while maintaining a culturally sensitive and respectful approach to the funeral arrangements. Families of the deceased will always appreciate it when the funeral home is upfront and honest with them concerning their loved one. 

Funeral homes typically work closely with families to ensure that the clothing chosen for the deceased aligns with the family's preferences and the cultural or religious traditions they follow. They also want the deceased to look as natural as they can. Oftentimes, the families would prefer if the deceased is dressed like they would normally dress every day. Offering options for larger-sized clothing allows families to make choices that resonate with their values and contribute to a meaningful and personalized funeral experience.

In conclusion, the funeral director's overall goal is to make the deceased presentable in a manner that is as natural and respectful as possible. Properly fitted clothing contributes to a dignified presentation during viewings, visitations, and funeral services, providing comfort to grieving family and friends.

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